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The Artwork – The Origin & Cultural Importance

Paul’s flagship message of All You Need Is Love and peace in the artwork on 1972 Wings Wings Tour Bus, its origin & cultural Importance encapsulating the Swinging 60’s, Carnaby St, the art of Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour, San Francisco, The Summer Of Love, Woodstock & flower-power’s universal and eternal message of peace and love.

From the crooners of the 1950’s Elvis had the world All Shook Up from 1956. The Beatles exploded in 1962 and were at the heart of the Swinging 60’s as fashion, hairstyles and make-up changed along with the music and the new-found flower-power culture of peace, love and happiness.

London was the epicentre of The Swinging 60’s and in particular Carnaby St where rock stars of the day, many of whom played at The Marquee round the corner in Wardour St like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Small Faces etc, fashion models; Twiggy and Chrissie Shrimpton, and designers like Mary Quant. Stars of stage and screen like Brigitte Bardot would mingle with regular shoppers all seeking the next groovy ‘look’ in boutiques with names like Gear, Lady Jane, John Stephen, Lord John, I was Lord Kitchener’s Valet etc.

New fashions and hairstyles were paraded for the waiting press photographers and reporters. the paparazzi of the day, With all the cool, positive, vibrant energy and light it seemed that the world had suddenly got coloured in… and so did the vehicles.

In 1966 The Beatles released the song Yellow Submarine which was followed by the animated movie, produced and directed by George Dunning. “Yellow Submarine is a movie whose message is all about making an ideal world. And it’s one of the most perfect pieces of moving art ever made.” – Josh Weinstein – The Simpsons – Futurama

The Beatles’ 1967 album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band became a worldwide smash. As well as the masterpiece that is Sgt Pepper one of the songs from that album; Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds, inspired by a drawing by John Lennon’s son Julian became a number one hit single. In hindsight, it’s been recognized as one of the most important songs in the entire psychedelic rock genre. Sgt Pepper is considered arguably the greatest album ever made. “Pop art doesn’t get more sublime than this.” – Ultimate Classic Rock. Its artwork is considered ‘the Mona Lisa of album covers’. Artists: Peter Blake and Jann Haworth

Soundtracked by ‘Sgt Pepper’ San Francisco’s Haight Asbury district became a migration hotspot for almost 100,000 youths that became known as the Summer of Love.

“The summer of 1967 was the Summer Of Love for us, We could feel what was going on with our friends, and people who had similar goals in America. You could just pick up the vibes, man.” – George Harrison

It was a fabulous time. I even get excited now when I realise that’s what it was for: peace and love, people putting flowers in guns. – Ringo Starr

The song that topped the charts around the world had the message “If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair” – Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco.

‘All You Need Is Love’ was written by John Lennon especially for Our World, the world’s first televised satellite link-up between 25 countries worldwide. Its message perfectly captured the optimistic mood of the Summer of Love, with a simplicity perfectly judged for their global audience. – Beatles Bible.

“All You Need Is Love” – John Lennon

After the Beatles completed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in April 1967, Paul McCartney wanted to create a film that captured a psychedelic theme similar to that represented by author Ken Kesey‘s Merry Pranksters on the US West Coast. Titled Magical Mystery Tour, it would combine Kesey’s idea of a psychedelic bus ride with McCartney’s memories of Liverpudlians holidaying on coach tours. Wikipedia . The cover art for the album Magical Mystery Tour was designed by graphic artist and illustrator John Van Hamersveld who designed 300 record jackets for pop and psychedelic bands from the 1960s onward.

Magical Mystery Tour – Celebrating 50 Years Exhibition

Building on the 1967 Summer of Love The Woodstock Festival in 1969 was the coming together of half a million people to enjoy peace, love, happiness and music. This era became part of a two-decade turning point in history that influenced future decades, and still has an impact on the present day. Paul had wanted The Beatles to play Woodstock in 1969 but that wasn’t to be.

In 1969 John, Paul, George & Ringo sadly went their separate ways. John had announced in a private meeting with the lads in September 1969 that he wanted a ‘divorce’ from The Beatles and formed The Plastic Ono Band, George and Ringo worked on solo projects and in April 1970 Paul released his first solo project McCARTNEY.

1971 – WINGS
Paul McCartney and Wings, often billed simply as Wings, were a British-American rock band formed in 1971 by former Beatles bassist and singer Paul McCartney, his wife Linda McCartney on keyboards, session drummer Denny Seiwell, and former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine. Wings were noted for their commercial successes and musical eclecticism. Wikipedia

After the low-key success of The University Tour in 1972 Paul decided to have a properly organised tour of Europe in an open-top double-decker bus. John Morris, one of the organisers of Woodstock was chosen to organise the Wings Over Europe Tour and Carnaby St Gear boutique owner Tom Salter. Tom and his Carnaby St crowd were tasked with realising Paul’s wish to have the artwork in the style of Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine which in turn were inspired by the Swinging 60’s, Carnaby St, the Summer Of Love which inspired John’s psychedelic Rolls Royce and George’s Mini.

With the sights & sounds of Woodstock’s half a million revellers still echoing across the world artist Geoffrey Cleghorn was chosen to realise the vision of transforming WNO 481 into the 1972 WINGS TOUR BUS. Geoff was friends with Pink Floyd, The Who & The Rolling Stones and had recently completed a giant mural for Keith Moon of The Who. He enlisted fellow Ipswich Art School (Suffolk Campus) students Neil Dean, who designed the Wings logo, Georgina Dean & Charlie Smith.

“We painted the outside psychedelic, like a magic bus. If you look at it very straight, very conventionally, it was quite a mad thing to do, to put a playpen on the top deck of the bus and put all the children in there while driving around Europe. It was not what you’d expect from a normal band. But we weren’t a normal band.” – Paul McCartney

Here we had two of the most beautiful people on the planet living the hippie dream and spreading the All You Need Is Love and peace message for 7,500 miles across Europe. In the midst of the conflict with his brothers in music, the other Beatles, Paul with Linda, his family and band was spreading this message of peace and love that was surely an olive branch to John, George and Ringo and a rallying cry to the world; “We come in peace, We come to play, We come to have a good time, we Come Together – Join Us.

“Wings toured the world and became the best-selling pop act of the 1970s, with five consecutive number one albums.” – Britannica

The Beatles was always going to be a hard act to follow, even for Paul McCartney but it was John Lennon, in one of his final interviews, who understood the value of Wings as he observed:

“I kind of admire the way Paul started back from scratch, forming a new band and playing in small dance halls.”

As much as anyone, Lennon perceived the sheer amount of risk inherent in creating a band in the wake of The Beatles’ juggernaut.
To sum up the achievement in record sales, from 1971 through 1980, Wings achievements were:

  • Five chart-topping and eight Top 10 US albums; Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway, Band On The Run, Venus & Mars, Wings At The Speed Of Sound, London Town, Back To The Egg, Wings Over America
  • Fourteen Top 10 singles, six of which reached number-one,  including My Love, Jet, Band On The Run and Maybe I’m Amazed.
  • All 23 of Wings’ US singles registered as Top 40 hits.

Wings won six Grammy Awards, while selling some 14 million records, garnering seven platinum and nine gold discs. Live and Let Die became the first James Bond theme song to be nominated for an Oscar. It was also nominated for a Grammy. With all of the above the realization of Paul McCartney’s triumph with Wings comes fully into view.

In this 50th anniversary year, 2022, we marvel at the wonder of a 20 year old former BRISTOL, ESSEX, NORFOLK, SUFFOLK seaside special double-decker living the dream of being chosen by the biggest rock star and entrusted with the care of not only himself but his family and band to tour 7,500 miles across Europe. After extensive restoration we are proud to present WNO 481 in association with FBHVC at The Classic Motor Show at The NEC where Phase 1 of the restoration was revealed. Bands played on Beatles Rooftop Concert inspired McCartney Stage on the open top deck including Wings legend Howie Casey. Tom Salter, Mr Carnaby St, saw for the first time in 50 years, the bus he transformed with his Carnaby St designers for Paul McCartney & Wings legendary and pivotal Wings Over Europe Tour.

“Well done! A real labour of love.” – Frank Nash CEO JP Fallon

Stella was 10 months old when she was brought on to 1972 Wings Tour Bus and her retro designs of today echo those days. Here’s Stella experiencing the ‘thrill’ of driving George Harrison’s Mini.

John’s psychedelic Rolls-Royce was John’s outward personal statement of peace and love and is considered priceless.

George’s psychedelic Mini was George’s outward personal statement of peace and love and is considered priceless.

Paul’s psychedelic 1972 Wings Tour Bus was Paul’s outward personal statement of peace and love made all the more meaningful coming in the midst of the troubles surrounding the Fab Four. It is easy to imagine that through the artwork Paul was extending an olive branch to his Beatles brothers. Reminders of Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour, the Summer Of Love when they were the Fab Four and completely in tune with each other. The Summer of ’72 was The Summer of Wings. Paul may have put a new band together which conquered the world in the 1970’s but as time has proved once-a-Beatle-forever-a-Beatle. We can only speculate but this author loves the idea that the Wings Over Europe Tour could easily have been Magical Mystery Tour ll.

The tribute to Wings that would have meant the most to Paul would have been that John was so enthused by the success of Paul and Wings that at the time he died he was busy recording songs to go on tour with. The news of John’s untimely and tragic death reverberated across the world and affected Paul so deeply it caused him to disband Wings. John had admired, was re-invigorated and enthused by Paul’s incredible achievements with Wings, second only to The Beatles juggernaut. John and Paul had reconnected. A Beatles one-off reunion was also discussed. John put forward the possibility of writing again with Paul. This author believes that John and Paul would have re-united The Beatles had John lived. John could easily have joined Paul and Wings on-stage to signal their new beginning. If John was on tour Paul could have been invited on stage to jam. Paul re-united with George and Ringo.

Paul’s flagship message of All You Need Is Love and peace in the idyllic landscape on 1972 Wings Wings Tour Bus with song references in the artwork; its sun shining (I’ll Follow The Sun – Good Day Sunshine – Here Comes The Sun), its river (“Picture yourself on a boat on a river…” – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds), its snow-capped mountains (Help), its rainbow shaped cloud (Golden Slumbers), its flowers a reference to flower power all reminders of halcyon days gone by (there are places I remember In My Life), surely found favour with John, George and Ringo. In those dark, troubled times and showing his true once a Beatle, forever a Beatle credentials and in true Beatles style Paul shone a light towards a brighter, better future. What Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons – Futurama) said about Yellow Submarine could also apply to the artwork on 1972 Wings Tour Bus upon which it was based, “One of the most perfect pieces of moving art ever made”.

Paul McCartney’s Wings Achievements

Paul McCartney’s Career Achievements

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We are delighted to feature some of the wonderful invitations 1972 Wings Tour Bus has attracted from different museums and organisations. Also, honourable mentions.

We’ve heard that the 1972 Wings tour bus is back on the road in the UK. Have info on this? Send us a DM!” – Paul McCartney

“I think it would be more than beautiful… we love it, there’s massive potential… Chris (Evans) is a massive fan of The Beatles” – Phil Shishmanian – Chris Evans’ CarFest

“The area and programming teams will be back in the late Autumn, please follow up then, it would be great to have some photo’s too which we can pass on.” – Glastonbury Festival

“It is a great object and it will be brilliant when it’s restored” – Kate Johnson – Museum Of Liverpool

“What a great piece of music history. The National Trust looks after both John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes” – Fern Stocks – National Trust 

“I’ve looked at the bus pictures and it looks great. A moving piece of history”. – Mark Featherstone Witty OBE, co-founder with Sir Paul McCartney of LIPA – The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

“We would love to have it at an event at Beaulieu” – Charlotte Mountain – Beaulieu National Motor Museum

“Fantastic historical bus. We would be honoured if you could join us… I would love to make a big feature of your attendance.” – Nicola Norman – Culture Coventry Transport Museum

“Hi Tom, please keep us in the loop with this. Right up my street.” – Roag Best – Liverpool Beatles Museum

“That all sounds fascinating!” – Sean Doherty – Handel and Hendrix Museum

“Wishing you every success (to The Bus That Rocked)” – Richard Curtis – Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mr Bean, Love Actually, The Boat That Rocked, Yesterday, Blackadder. IMDB

“You would certainly be very welcome at any of our events” – Roger Stagg – “We would very much welcome a visit” – Deryck Fill – London Bus Museum

“We can work together to bring the Wings Tour Bus to Ipswich Waterfront” – Charlotte Greaves – University of Suffolk

“Definitely would love to be involved in this.” – Jo Hasnip – Writtle University College

Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealer TV show fame shared our Facebook post about 1972 Wings Tour Bus appearing at The Classic Motor Show at The NEC to his 994,000 Facebook Followers

“It would be great to see if we could do something together in the future ….” – Dean Paton – Big Heritage

“We are keen to get more details on price and hire terms” – Alex Robinson – MSVR Oulton Park

“Looking for more information with regards to booking the tour bus for events here at Santa Pod Raceway in 2023.” – Max Frost – Santa Pod Raceway

“It would be great to have the bus as part of Brighton Fringe” – Karla Hancock – “What a fab project” – Roni Guetta – Brighton Fringe

“It is very interesting to read about the Wings Tour Bus.” – Georgia Morley – London Transport Museum

“Delighted to talk to you today and hear about the tour bus and the song writing project.” – John Kramarchuck – Music Course Director at the College of West Anglia

“It would be great to see her on the weekend of 8/9 July next year, at Wythall, when we hold our annual Bristol Gathering,” – Stuart & Lynn Turner – Transport Museum, Wythall

“Be delighted to talk to you about your project (documentary). It sounds a great project. I worked with Paul (McCartney) on Standing Stone and Working Classical” … Christopher Swann – Award-winning Producer, Director and Writer. – Link

“It would be fantastic if you and the KSW – Bristol KSW WNO 481 Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus – could join us for the event.” – Martin Isles – Showbus 50

“What you describe – a documentary about Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus – sounds absolutely fascinating.” – Tony Palmer – Award Winning Producer – Director – Writer – Editor – IMDB

“Sounds like you’ve done some great work. How are you imagining we might work together?” – Rita George – The Grammy Museum

“Wow. Looking fantastic. Well done” – Mark Evans – Restoration TV Star – IMDB

“We would love for the bus to come and think it will add an extra buzz to the town as part of the event.” – Jo Needham – Clacton Airshow Events Team

“Myself and the organisers admire what you have done with the Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus… would (you) consider bringing the bus to the Big Bus Show at Stonham Barns on Sunday 13th August 2023 to be the centre piece and our rally control point?” – Jamie Vendy – The Eastern Counties Bus Preservation Group – ECBPG

“Just to say from the marketing team at Stonham Barns Park congratulations on the mega launch of the Wings Tour Bus! We all saw the fabulous BBC News / ITV coverage…” – Alison Baker – Stonham Barns Park

“The Beatles fest will be held in Spain in the Andalucia city of Sevilla from 26 to 29 October this year. Pattie Boyd will attend this event. If you could tell me the price of bringing the bus to Sevilla…” – Maria Martin – Author – Ambassador In Spain for 6 years for Ringo Starr’s Peace & Love Event.

“Great story! Super Fab History! Is the bus here in Florida now? You’re certainly welcome to show it off! We have 10,000 Beatles fans here and Denny Lane lives nearby.” – Dan Hartwell – Beatles On The Beach Florida

Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 is a 1953 Bristol KSW. In the years BP (before Paul) its main associations were with the UK counties of Bristol, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. So, in the style of Mercedes our superstar bus is also known as a Bristol BENS. County Councillors have been so supportive that a special page showing the amazing replies received, too many to list here, can be viewed here Bristol BENS.”

“I would like to make enquiries about hiring the 1972 Wings tour bus for a Beatles event in August 2024 in Liverpool.” – Gabriëlla van Karsbergen – Beatles International

“I would very much like to talk to you about conducting tours on the bus.” – Richard Porter – Beatle Brain Of Britain – Beatles In London

“I have a group of 13-15 tourists coming to London and I’ll be taking them to iconic music venues and locations. The Wings bus will have a wow factor.” – Paul Endacott – Music Heritage London

We are arranging the 2024 British Travel Awards and would love to have the 1972 Wings Tour Bus at our event.” – Lorraine-Barnes-Burton – British Travel Awards

Information about the Wings Tour Bus 1972 looks great! How many days you want to stay in Holland? – Herman Van Diejen – First Class Entertainment



McCartney Creative Songwriting Suite

The Touchstone Of The Genius

How amazing it could be to sit in the actual seat occupied by ‘Music’s Greatest’ Paul McCartney let the creativity flow and inspire the next generation of songwriters to write a great song or even a hit song.

From 9th July to 24th August 1972 Wings Tour Bus travelled 7,500 miles with Paul sitting in his favourite seat, front left lower deck. At times he would be relaxing on the open-top deck on the mattresses, bean bags and cushions rehearsing and bonding with his new band and enjoying family time with Linda, Mary, Heather and 10 month old baby Stella McCartney. All this during one of the most pivotal, creative and romantic periods of not just his career but his life.

Sarah Ferguson of ABC Australia asked Paul, “In those scenes in the film (Get Back) you’ve got John Lennon with you as you’re creating those songs. How long did it take you to figure out how to write songs without his great mind and great skills sitting alongside you?”

We talked later and we missed each other’s input. For me John’s input was very important and very skilful. These days even when I’m writing a song I will kind of check with him, just, you know, mentally… does this suck like I think it does? Right, let’s get rid of it and start again. Yeah, I really miss that and I know he missed contact with me too.” – Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney co-founded The Beatles with John Lennon and was very much to the fore with John in not only their amazing song-writing partnership, the most successful ever, but also their incredible and perfect vocal blend, the finest ever. Whenever and whatever Paul writes he brings the experience of his creativity with John Lennon and The Beatles to bear. John was surely on Paul’s shoulder during his time on the bus. George and Ringo were surely there too. Paul has often said about the time he and John were arguing and John lowered his glasses, looked over the top of them and chirped, “It’s only me!”

According to Paul Paul worked on songs for Red Rose Speedway for most of 1972 so it is entirely possible that Paul was inspired to write during that 7,500 miles on the bus from 9th July to 24th August. A few short weeks later in October 1972 Paul went into Abbey Road to record the tracks for the RED ROSE SPEEDWAY album and the Grammy Winning LIVE & LET DIE the first James Bond theme song to be nominated for an Oscar. We are left shaken & stirred by the tantalising thought that the time spent beforehand on 1972 WINGS TOUR BUS WNO 481 may have contributed to Paul’s creative output. If that is the case as Roger Moore’s James Bond might say we are proud to have been of ‘secret service’ – more…

The atmosphere on 1972 Wings Tour Bus was perfect for song-writing; the rhythm of the open road, the sunshine, the warmth, the space and comfort on the open top deck, the movement, the away-from-it-all freedom, the hum of the road music etc. may all have contributed to Paul’s feeling of well-being and with John ever-present on his shoulder history would show Paul’s creative genius continued as strong as ever.

Richard Marx said that when he was on the road in the days before mobile phones and digital recorders he would get a flash of inspiration that was so strong that he had to stop off at a pay-phone, call home and sing his idea to his ansafone.

Paul’s Seat – Front Nearside
Paul has always been a creative genius and for a writer it could be just perfect to have that genius atmosphere supporting their inspiration and empowering their ‘creatives’ (creative ideas) to come out to play. A perfect antidote to the dreaded writer’s block?

How amazing and creatively inspiring it could be to sit in the actual seat occupied by ‘Music’s Greatest’ Paul McCartney and just let the creativity flow.

The seat that Paul occupied for two months and 7,500 miles during one of the most pivotal, creative and romantic periods of not just his career but his life.

The Top Deck
Mattresses, bean bags, cushions, Stella’s playpen all contributed to the feeling of space, freedom and relaxation that Paul, family and band enjoyed for 7,500 miles.

Guests who enjoyed the 1972 Wings Tour Bus Experience.

At The NEC Classic Motor Show we asked friends, colleagues and visitors who came on board to sign our Guest Book and to share their thoughts about the unveiling of our Magical History Tour de force Ticket To Ride Restoration of 1972 Wings Tour Bus.

“Cheers, AMAZED”, Howie Casey, Paul McCartney & Wings legendary sax player.

Howie Casey CV

“Thanks Tom! Fabulous achievement – getting the bus back on the road. Thoroughly enjoyed the gig.” Joe Jones, Howie Casey’s musical partner.

Howie Casey, legendary sax player with Paul McCartney & Wings plays a beautiful live version of Paul’s classic song for Linda, My Love

View the Guest Book

“Wings toured the world and became the best-selling pop act of the 1970s, with an astonishing 27 U.S. Top 40 hits (beating Elton John’s 25) and five consecutive number one albums, including the highly acclaimed Band on the Run (1973) and Wings at the Speed of Sound (1976).” Britannica – more…

On 18th March 1973 Paul McCartney & Wings was the very first band to rock at the very first Hard Rock Cafe – more…


Mission Impossible it is not, we can rebuild her. We have the technology and it needn’t cost 6 million dollars!

Paul McCartney’s Career Achievements

Click to play the soundtrack plus interviews with Paul McCartney and others who were there.

Back in the day, there were only two measurements of chart success: sales of singles and sales of albums. Then the business changed and streaming of songs and single track sales arrived and a new system of measurement came into being. EAS: Equivalent Album Sales is a measurement that has been used in the music industry since 2010 to define the consumption of music that includes streams and track sales that make up the equivalent purchase of one album copy.

According to and Ken Hoffman of, Paul McCartney is the most successful music artist of all-time, the only one to break 500 million Equivalent Album Sales combined.

McCartney has amassed a record-breaking 32 US #1 singles, 27 US #1 albums.

He is the only artist ever to have topped the US Hot 100 as a solo act, as part of a duo, of a trio, of a quartet, and of a quintet.

Paul McCartney has scored 100 million Equivalent Album Sales twice; as part of a group and then again with subsequent careers, including Wings.

At 17,846,000 Equivalent Album Sales, Band On The Run is the 5th most successful album from 1973.

Mull Of Kintyre was, from 1977 – 1984, the best-selling single ever in the UK, and the first to sell 2 million units.

Between the Beatles and his solo career Paul McCartney has sold more than 100 million albums and 100 million singles.

Sixty of his albums have achieved gold album status, from sales all over the world.

McCartney wrote, or co-wrote, 129 songs that made the Billboard Hot 100 chart; 91 of them made the Top 10, and 32 went to No. 1.

He has written 43 songs that sold more than 1 million copies.

When he was 23, he wrote “Yesterday” the most-covered song in pop music history, recorded by over 2,000 artists.

In 1990, he performed at a soccer stadium in Brazil and 184,000 fans showed up – the largest rock concert ever in a stadium.

McCartney hasn’t been just a rock star. He rocked the world. Because of him and his three pals from Liverpool, even today, people dress differently, wear their hair differently and think differently. They were the first rockers who made being smart cool.

Since that break up with The Beatles, Paul McCartney has written and produced 22 studio albums, 8 live albums, 3 greatest hits albums, 75 singles, 55 music videos, 5 classical albums and 7 albums in collaboration with other artists.

He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both as a Beatle and as Paul McCartney.

He is Sir Paul, knighted by the Queen Elizabeth II, in 1994.

Paul McCartney helped create the biggest band of the 1960’s The Beatles

Paul McCartney created the biggest band of the 1970’s Paul McCartney & Wings – Britannica

GQ Magazine
“…what could possibly top having five records in the American Top Ten at the same time? What could top playing Shea Stadium to the loudest crowd in history? Or making Sgt Pepper? Or “Hey Jude”? Or “Let It Be”? What on earth could possibly top being revered by an entire generation? Or two. What could top being – along with David Bailey, The Rolling Stones and Michael Caine – pretty much responsible for the 1960s? What could top being a Beatle? Here is a man who gave his name to The Ramones (Paul Ramon being McCartney’s old stage and hotel check-in name), whose “Yesterday” is the most popular song of all time (2,400 mangled cover versions and counting) and who conjured up the bass part for John Lennon’s “Come Together” in a jot.