Mission Impossible it is not, we can rebuild her. We have the technology and it needn’t cost 6 million dollars!

Plans are advanced with a well-known restoration tv presenter to film a documentary on the bus and the restoration. This could begin soon after she is moved to the restoration workshop.


Our mission, if you choose to accept is to see once again The 1972 Wings Tour Bus this UK/European inter-national treasure magical mystery touring, rocking and rolling up and down the UK and European highways and byways to the soundtrack of Paul McCartney’s songs … 50 years after first doing it.

– Tom – Team WNO 481

To give the great cities of The UK and Europe the opportunity to display WNO 481, this Pied Piper Magic Bus, for all to enjoy. Maybe even to go on display in Liverpool, possibly outside LIPA, The Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts.

To give the schools, colleges and universities in the UK and Europe the opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of WNO 481 and maybe even for their apprentices to work on the restoration and get their names on to The Restoration Roll of Honour.


WNO481-The 1972 Wings Tour Bus
WNO481-The 1972 Wings Tour Bus