Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 is a 1953 Bristol KSW5G. In the years BP (before Paul) its main associations were with the UK counties of Bristol, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. So, in the style of Mercedes our superstar bus is also known as a Bristol BENS. This page is a collection of the supportive comments received from the good councillors of BENS – Bristol, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.”


“Best of luck with your wonderful initiative.” – Councillor Ed

“How interesting!” – Councillor Tim

“Thank you very much for your interesting and informative email about the Wings tour bus.” – Councillor Andrew

“Thanks for getting in touch about your exciting bus.” – Councillor Ani

“Southend would of course be interested in a discussion on this. The bus would be a great attraction…” – Councillor Carole

“Thank you for your email and sharing this information about the Wings Tour Bus. I hope your Band On The Run is able to Get Back to where they once belonged. People of Essex love Silly Love Songs, Maybe I’m Amazed by that but I was always brought up to Live And Let Die.” – Councillor Ross

“This is a fascinating idea.” – Councillor Lewis

“Wow! Thanks for this amazing email packed full of info.” – Councillor Dan

“The bus has an amazing history, particularly its links within the local Essex area.  It is particularly pleasing that it will feature at The NEC and looks really exciting.” – Councillor Sarah

“I would very much like to come along and have a look at the bus. She has had a very interesting life.” – Councillor Mick

“This interesting project.” – Councillor Marie

“I will ask Team to look at dates. Warmest Regards… “ – Councillor Lee

“Thank you very much for sharing this fascinating story with me; I grew up with The Beatles’ sound and although I was 7 years old when the fab four exploded into fame I had an older sister who was like many others absolutely besotted with them!.” – Councillor Giancarlo

“What a lovely story. I hope your plans come to fruition.” – Councillor Emma

“We’d love to have you along to Cromer Carnival one year. Happy to help if I can.” – Councillor Timothy

“What an interesting concept and one I would wholeheartedly support.” – Councillor Barry

“A great project which has certainly stirred my interest.” – Councillor Graham


“The Tour Bus sounds like it would a fantastic addition to the museum and for Ipswich!” – Councillor Nathan

“What a wonderful e-mail and story!” – Councillor Nadia

“Many thanks for your wonderful email.  I would be delighted to visit WNO 481 when it comes to Suffolk. Would be absolutely amazing if WNO 481 could find a home here, just under 4 miles from where her beautiful body was created. I look forward to seeing WNO 481 when she comes to visit.” – Councillor Caroline

“Please do keep me updated.” – Councillor Terry