“Inspired by the Wings Over America trucks” – TJ

As the bus is an open-topper a cover was designed and fitted and works well. When the cover is on the bus displays the 1972 Wings Tour Bus logo so the news helicopters can make the most of it. This was inspired by Paul’s Wings Over America trucks as seen in the Listen To What The Man Said video, link below.

LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID – Note: Lettering enhanced.
The 3 trucks in the video look brilliant with one part of the title of the tour; WINGS OVER AMERICA printed on the roof of each truck. This provided the inspiration for the open-top cover of 1972 Wings Tour Bus.

The cover will soon be photographed in all its glory. In the meantime here is an artist’s impression…


Full service and mechanical overhaul completed  – The Mechanical Overhaul

Paul’s original was found in situ on the bus and is safely stored away. An exact replica has been made – The Destination Blind

A special custom security door has been fitted to secure the platform. Platform Security Door