WNO 481 was no stranger to sailing along in the sunshine with happy campers on board the top open deck but to be on the road with the biggest rock/pop star in the world making music with guitars and writing songs must have been extra special.

Life In The Slow Lane – her top speed was an un-impressively chugging 38 mph but this suited Paul McCartney perfectly. WNO 481 was in no rush anywhere, neither was Paul McCartney.


It is a thrill to own Paul McCartney’s bus and she is beautiful. Sailing along on the open-top deck in the sunshine is a very strong memory from my childhood. I was born in January 1951 and would have been nearly 3 years old in November 1953 when WNO 481 emerged from the garage for the first time. As a child I may even have travelled on the bus as Mum and Dad used to bring us on holidays to that part of the world; Clacton, St Osyth, Jaywick, Walton On The Naze. Romantic notions/memories that bring with them strong emotional attachments. Seeing the videos with Paul, Linda, the children and the band all happily cruising along in the sunshine just gladdens the heart.

– Tom – Team WNO 481