“I met George on a bus, I first saw John on a bus, George auditioned on a bus. Penny Lane was the bus depot. If I was visiting John I could go from my place in Forthlin Road to Penny Lane change and go up to his place in Menlove Avenue. I just like buses.” – Paul McCartney


“If we’re gonna be in Europe in the summer going to places like the south of France it’s just silly to be in some little box all day gasping for air so we came up with this idea to have an open deck, upper deck kind of thing. We’ve got some mattresses up there so we can just cruise along, fantastic, it’s great, just lie around & get the sun.” – Paul McCartney

“John (Morris – Woodstock ’69) said to me Paul wants to travel round in an open-top bus. Could you talk him out of it because the other trucks are top of the line Mercedes and the bus won’t keep up? I said, “Sure !” Well, I met with Paul and I didn’t talk him out of it, I thought it was a fantastic idea.” – Tom Salter Mr Carnaby St – Tour Manager