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Since we announced our partnership with FBHVC – The Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs we are proud that our restoration has been featured in The FBHVC News since the Christmas edition in 2020. We hope you enjoy viewing our Ticket To Ride Magical History Tour Restoration journey to bring back to beautiful the McCartney layout and livery of Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 this iconic and historic vehicle giving it the power to Get Back to where it once belonged … The Long & Winding Road.

2020 FBHVC News Christmas Issue




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The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road. It does this by representing the interests of owners of such vehicles to politicians, government officials, and legislators both in the UK and (through the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) in Europe.

There are over 540 subscriber organisations representing a total membership of over 250,000 in addition to individual and trade supporters.

All our directors operate in a voluntary capacity supported by our secretary.


I am sure we can assist with your quest to bring WNO 481 back to life and promote its historic journey, educate and aid in its heritage preservation so that future generations can enjoy the marvel that it is.

– Emma Balaam – Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

“On behalf of The WNO 481 Team I am delighted to make this association with FBHVC. Emma, David and Denis have made us feel most welcome and we know that can only be good for our labour of love and passion, our 1972 Wings Tour Bus. Post restoration we will be making the bus available for FBHVC events as well as working to get round to all the museums and clubs that have kindly extended invitations for the bus to appear. We look forward to welcoming everyone on board WNO 481’s McCartney Lower Deck and I’m very much looking forward to uttering the cry ‘ding, ding, plenty of room on top the McCartney Upper Deck. You can be sure of a warm welcome and we look forward to sharing the incredible 67 years of classically beautiful automotive design heritage and of course her coming up to 50 years of music / rock and roll history with the biggest and most successful rock star in the world, Sir Paul McCartney.” – Tom Creaven-Jennings

“My hat goes off to Tom for taking the plunge with WNO481. The National Lottery Heritage Fund has commented that “The bus has an interesting heritage focus”. Anna and Tom are working hard to put together the application to them for funding for the restoration, future-proofing and setting up WNO 481 as a true museum piece that everyone can engage with will be a truly worthwhile task. We will be heavily involved with Anna, Tom and WNO481 in the coming months and years. One item of interest is a research project which we shall report on in a future edition of FBHVC News. The Federation have a group of volunteers who take part in the smaller research projects. If you wish to be added to this group please email to note your interest. Also in future editions, we’d love to keep you all up to date with WNO481’s progress and the people/museums/restorers she will meet along her restoration journey.” – Emma Balaam FBHVC

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