Paul McCartney’s Greatest Vocal Performances

Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus has so many connections connection to The Beatles it is worth running through them:

Paul McCartney co-founded The Beatles with John Lennon and was and very much to the fore with John Lennon in not only their amazing song-writing partnership, the most successful ever, but also their incredible and perfect vocal blend, the finest ever.
Whenever and whatever Paul writes he brings the experience of his creativity with John Lennon and The Beatles to bear. John was surely on Paul’s shoulder during his time on the bus. George and Ringo were surely there too. Paul has often said about the time he and John were arguing and John lowered his glasses, looked over the top of them and chirped, “It’s only me!”

Millions of hearts were broken when The Beatles went their separate ways in the midst of the legal wrangles that swamped them, their beautiful band The Beatles and their company Apple. Like I’m sure John, George and Ringo Paul’s heart was broken and he went through a long period of mourning. From September 1969 when John announced he wanted a divorce from The Beatles and the public announcement in 1970 on-wards it was speculated in the press that The Beatles would Get Back together but prevailing conditions meant they couldn’t. Paul desperately wanted The Beatles to tour again (they hadn’t performed live since Candlestick Park in 1966) so by 1971 and with seemingly no end to the legal troubles Paul and Linda decided to put a new band together, record some new music and take it on the road. They formed Wings with Denny Laine, Henry McCullough and Denny Seiwell and took to just rocking up at uni’s and asking to play. The ad hoc University Tour went well enough that a proper ly organised tour was to be the next step; The Wings Over Europe Tour and this is where WNO 481 a 20 year old open-top seaside special double-decker bus enters Paul McCartney’s world… and when Paul gave WNO 481 its Wings as 1972 Wings Tour Bus the Legend Of Rock & Road was born.

The Artwork
The artwork on the bus was inspired by The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Rooftop Inspired McCartney Stage
Inspired by The Beatles Rooftop Concert Inspired McCartney Stage is named in honour of its very own superstar.

The McCartney Creative Song-Writing Suite – The Touchstone Of The Genius.
Paul spent almost 2 months and journeyed 7,500 miles in 1972 Wings Tour Bus. Almost certainly he was inspired by the on the road atmosphere to write on the bus. Whatever Paul writes he brings the experience of his creativity with John Lennon and The Beatles to bear. Learn more about The McCartney Creative Songwritng Suitemore…