The Magical History Tour At The Classic Motor Show at The NEC

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th November 2022

In this 50th anniversary year we marvel at the wonder of WNO 481 a 20 year old Bristol KSW5G BENS former BRISTOL, ESSEX, NORFOLK & SUFFOLK seaside special double-decker living the dream of being chosen by the biggest rock star in the world to be his 1972 Wings Tour Bus and being entrusted with the care of not only himself but his family and band to tour 7,500 miles across Europe. Paul’s first major tour after the glory days of The Beatles was hotly pursued by the world’s press and 1972 Wings Tour Bus became the most famous bus in the world. We are proud to present WNO 481 in association with FBHVC – The Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs at The Classic Motor Show at The NEC.


After its 3 year Magical History Tour de Force Ticket To Ride Restoration Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus was unveiled at The Classic Motor Show at The NEC. Featuring live bands performing each day on the newly imagined and engineered top deck performance space named in honour of its very own superstar The McCartney Stage. Inspired by The Beatles Rooftop Concert.

Find here photo’s of some of the top moments from a really beautiful weekend .

For its official unveiling we couldn’t have been in a more perfect setting; The Classic Motor Show at The NEC In the FBHVC Federation Village at the entrance to Hall 5. Motoring enthusiasts from all over the world descended and they let us know with their great comments and enthusiasm that our restoration of this iconic and historic treasure had their approval. We’re proud of our work and after a few last minute panics before showtime everything went off really great. Emma and David from The FBHVC were brilliant at keeping us on track.


TOM SALTER – A Golden Anniversary Moment
Tom Salter was famous as the owner of the legendary Gear Boutique in Carnaby St the epicentre of Swinging 60’s London. In fact he was known as Mr Carnaby St. Here he sees for the first time in 50 years WNO 481 the bus he set up for Paul McCartney as 1972 Wings Tour Bus ably assisted by his Carnaby St stylists. Paul asked him to be the Wings Over Europe Tour Manager. Tom’s business partner and Tour Promoter was John Morris one of the founders of Woodstock ’69 the biggest festival ever staged with over half a million people. Tom later wrote in the Guest Book, “Happy to revisit the bus in its new outfit. Every time I get to see it there seem to be improvements and this is after 50 years. Wow, that went by very fast. Love to everybody and especially the bus. Love, Tom Salter.” He was accompanied by his son, Gary. Tom paid us the ultimate compliment when he said, “I wish I had you in 1972.”

On The McCartney Stage
Friday 11th we welcomed the excellent Paul McCartney Story. They are the first ever band to perform on The McCartney Stage and they did a great job.

Friday’s Guest Artist was the fabulous Breeze Redwine who sang great. As it was the weekend of Remembrance Sunday Breeze sang Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again. An elderly gentleman stood looking up at Breeze and when she had finished the song to beautiful applause he shouted up to her, “I thought I was listening to Vera Lynn.”


Saturday 12th was the turn of The TR5’s. What a great name for a band at The Classic Motor Show. Their lively and enthusiastic mix of Beatles-McCartney songs was really well received and their boundless energy shone through. We were on the lower deck for some of it and someone shouted out as the bus bounced “This bus is rockin’.”

Saturday 12th and The TR5’s Guest Artist was Logan Paul Murphy The Beatles Boy (Wonder) Logan walked in looking like Paul off The Beatles For Sale album and proceeded to delight the audience with his excellent performance on McCartney Stage. He loved it up there and then came down to ground level to be amongst the crowd and just play. He has 30,000 Facebook Followers and the reactions have been fantastic. See you soon again, Logan.

Sunday 13th the legend that is Howie Casey played on The McCartney Stage. Howie and his musical partner Joe Jones sang and played great. Howie’s sax playing on his solo rendition of the McCartney classic My Love was just spine-tingling. Howie and Joe will no doubt return to us as soon as can be arranged.

Our crew were so chuffed that Howie Casey played with Paul McCartney and Wings, that he played on Live & Let Die, Band On The Run, did the Wings Over America Tour and played on so many hit records that we just had to have a photo taken with the great man.

Left to Right: Kate Gunning, Donovan, Matt Gunning, Joe Jones, Howie Casey, Tom Jennings, Jonathan Hilton-King, Bradley Earl, Hannah Earl.

A Dad shows his little girl how to do ‘The Wings’ just like Paul so we’re adding an imprint of Paul’s hands doing ‘The Wings’ to the artwork.

So many people came on board to sign The 1972 Wings Tour Bus Guest Book and we will always treasure the wonderful messages they wrote. Everybody wanted to sit in Paul and Linda’s seats.

Left to right: David and Barbara Whale – President FBHVC, Howie Casey – Wings Legend, Denis Chick – Transport Museum, Wythall, Karl Carter Vice Chairman FBHVC, Anna Salaman – Cultural Heritage Learning Consultant, John Worth – FBHVC Charity Partner, tba, Tom Salter, Mr Carnaby St, with Emma Balaam – FBHVC, Logan Paul Murphy The Beatles Boy (Wonder) Mum Beverly and Dad Lee.

The Mums just love this photo of Linda pointing baby Stella towards the camera but Stella is having none of it, she’s distracted by something else.
This move is now affectionately known as a ‘The Linda’. Here’s Emma showing Tom how to do ‘The Linda’ and Rhea is doing ‘The Linda’ with Baby Rose, Eloise and Philip.

1972 Wings Tour Bus & The Back To The Future DeLorean Come Together & Land At The Classic Motor Show At The NEC
The morning after the show it was time to leave the FBHVC Federation Village and NEC Hall 5. Most of the exhibits had already gone but one special exhibit remained… The DeLorean. Seeing these two icons together sparked a rock and roll idea… see below…

The DeLorean was made famous by the Hollywood movie Back To The Future starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly a teenage rock and roll guitar player who lands back in the early 50’s and is desperate to Get Back To The Future. So many memorable scenes but one of the greatest has to be when Marty picks up a guitar and plays rock and roll to a mystified crowd who don’t know what he’s doing because rock and roll hasn’t been invented yet. One of Paul McCartney’s greatest songs is Get Back and so Get Back and Back To The Future came together… The FBHVC to 1972 Wings Tour Bus had the same effect as Doc Brown’s flux capacitor to the DeLorean; it helped WNO 481 Get Back To The Future it deserves. What do you think?

Paul McCartney's 1972 Wings Tour Bus and Marty McFly's Back To The Future DeLorean Come Together and land alongside each other at The Classic Motor Show 2022.

At The NEC Classic Motor Show we asked friends, colleagues and visitors who came on board to sign our Guest Book and to share their thoughts about our Magical History Tour de force restoration of 1972 Wings Tour Bus. Maybe We’re Amazed!

“Humbled to be part of WNO 481’s journey. Long may it continue well into the future. Words can’t describe how wonderful it is bringing our history and heritage alive!” Emma Balaam, FBHVC Secretary & Busketeer !

“Wonderful achievement having WNO 481 back making music!” David Whale, President FBHVC

“To the Wings Tour Bus – Anyone who takes on the restoration of an icon is a hero! Such a challenge is never straight-forward. Tom is our hero! We now have a living legend from an era long gone. Through this magnificent bus that era can be celebrated by generations! Thank you Tom, now what was that about Glastonbury…?” Denis Chick, Transport Museum, Wythall.

“To Tom and whole team. What a great project and what a great result of all the hard work and dedication to make this happen. Good to share.” Karl Carter, Chairman Federation Skills Trust, Vice-Chairman FBHVC.

“An outstanding achievement to recognise, rescue and restore such a significant historic vehicle. I have no doubt the musicians who get to play on it will bring pleasure to many people.” Ian Edmunds – FBHVC

“Best wishes Tom for the next stage in life for ‘the bus’ ” – Paul Chasney FBHVC

“Tom, I am so proud to be part of this adventure and be part of the reveal. Congratulations to you all and well done.” Andy Bell – FBHVC

“To Tom and The Wings Tour Bus. A fabulous restoration. The hard work was certainly worth it. Put many more miles on the clock. Best wishes.” John & Sue Simpson – Sponsors and Busketeers.

“What a fantastic job. Well done to the team. This brings back so many memories of travelling on this and the work my Dad did on it.” – Denis Newell whose Dad Arthur drove The 1970 England World Cup Team Coach and who oversaw the transformation of WNO 481 into Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus.

“Dear Tom, on behalf of Roger and Maureen, the whole White family want to thank and congratulate you on keeping Dad’s dream alive. Dad would have truly loved being here today and it is very emotional seeing the bus back in its true glory for everyone to enjoy! We are all forever grateful to you Tom for keeping a big part of Dad alive. Fondest wishes, Greg and The White family.” Greg White, son of Roger White who owned WNO 481 from 1982 to 1993.

“Happy to revisit the bus in its new outfit. Every time I get to see it there seem to be improvements and this is after 50 years. Wow, that went by very fast. Love to everybody and especially the bus. Love, Tom Salter.” Tom Salter, the owner of the legendary Gear Boutique was known as Mr Carnaby St, sees for the first time in 50 years the bus he set up for Paul McCartney helped by his Carnaby St crowd. He was the Tour Manager and his partner and Tour Promoter was John Morris one of the founders of Woodstock ’69 the biggest festival ever staged with half a million people.

“Wow, what a transformation from when we saw the bus in September 2022! Fantastic livery, love the vibrant colours! Well done to all involved! Tony & Karen – GT Classic Hire.

“To Tom, Thanks so much for this labour of love. This has made my 58th birthday, once again, thanks so much for letting me on the bus and making me an Honorary Busketeer! All the best, Derek 2005 Beatles!!”

“Tom, well done. Brilliant. Thank you for letting Breeze sing.” Alan Forward – Stonham Barns

“Well done Tom the bus is brilliant.” John Suter – Stonham Barns

“Stepping on this bus is a magical journey for me. A massive Wings fan for years this home on wheels is part of my journey with the band. It’s blue, it’s true. Tom & Team did magic all over Band Bus Mechanics On The Run. Congratulations Team.” Jason Lowe – Journalist

“I really enjoyed working on Wings Tour Bus. Hope it goes many places and brings joy to many people, young and old. All the best.” Ray Crosier – Joiner

“Splendid effort recreating a unique vehicle. Thankful to see it.” Bob ?

“Tom, you and your colleagues have approached this ‘accidental’ bus purchase restoration in an absolutely original way and achieved so much. Time to think about your next project?” James Fairchild – City Transport Group ACMA CGMA CMILT

“Fantastic to see the bus in fantastic condition and rightly restored to its former glory. A credit to a hugely enthusiastic, dedicated and expert team which has achieved so much. Love the band on top; altogether the focal point at The 2022 Classic NEC Show. Many comments from show visitors and other stand holders. Great to see it on the FBHVC stand particularly marvellous!” John Worth NSPCC Childline, FBHVC Charity Partner.

“Tom, what an honour and a pleasure to be introduced to this famous icon and to have had some involvement (well, enthusiasm!) in it in the early days. I’m so impressed by the fabulous restoration that’s taken place. It’s transformative but it also has true integrity to the original, which lives on like a beating heart, veins and arteries. Paul has got to see this ! It’s been wonderful to have been part of this amazing achievement, however minor and thank you for involving me. Onwards and upwards – or alongwards, I hope.” Anna Salaman – Cultural Heritage Learning Consultant.

“Can’t believe I’ve been on The Wings Tour Bus. Fantastic experience. Sat in Paul’s seat.” Bill Graham

It’s been a long time coming – Some would say you’ve had a Hard Day’s Night or two… What a splendid experience stepping on to the bus and feeling part of its so special history – and best of all sitting in Paul and Linda’s seats. It shouldn’t be underestimated how well you and Brad have done – and it’s great to see the hundreds of smiles of people outside . We literally feel like a Band On The Run,” Rhea, Eloise, Rose and Philip Fitzgerald.

“Cheers, AMAZED”, Howie Casey, Wings Legend, music legend.

“Thanks Tom! Fabulous achievement – getting the bus back on the road. Thoroughly enjoyed the gig.” Joe Jones, Howie Casey’s musical partner.

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After 3 fabulous days it was time to leave:
1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 just has to Get Back to where it once belonged.


In the Summer of ’72, The Summer Of Wings Paul McCartney chose WNO 481 as the 1972 Wings Tour Bus & took it rockin’ & rollin’ across Europe after the glory days of The Beatles. With its world-famous rock superstar on board this amazing family and band adventure the tour was hotly pursued by the world’s media for over 7,500 miles across 9 countries and 25 cities.

Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 became a Legend Of Rock & Road and landed the title “The Most Famous Bus In The World”

WNO 481 – The History At A Glance