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Back in the day, there were only two measurements of chart success: sales of singles and sales of albums. Then the business changed and streaming of songs and single track sales arrived and a new system of measurement came into being. EAS: Equivalent Album Sales is a measurement that has been used in the music industry since 2010 to define the consumption of music that includes streams and track sales that make up the equivalent purchase of one album copy.

According to and Ken Hoffman of, Paul McCartney is the most successful music artist of all-time, the only one to break 500 million Equivalent Album Sales combined.

McCartney has amassed a record-breaking 32 US #1 singles, 27 US #1 albums.

He is the only artist ever to have topped the US Hot 100 as a solo act, as part of a duo, of a trio, of a quartet, and of a quintet.

Paul McCartney has scored 100 million Equivalent Album Sales twice; as part of a group and then again with subsequent careers, including Wings.

At 17,846,000 Equivalent Album Sales, Band On The Run is the 5th most successful album from 1973.

Mull Of Kintyre was, from 1977 – 1984, the best-selling single ever in the UK, and the first to sell 2 million units.

Between the Beatles and his solo career Paul McCartney has sold more than 100 million albums and 100 million singles.

Sixty of his albums have achieved gold album status, from sales all over the world.

McCartney wrote, or co-wrote, 129 songs that made the Billboard Hot 100 chart; 91 of them made the Top 10, and 32 went to No. 1.

He has written 43 songs that sold more than 1 million copies.

When he was 23, he wrote “Yesterday” the most-covered song in pop music history, recorded by over 2,000 artists.

In 1990, he performed at a soccer stadium in Brazil and 184,000 fans showed up – the largest rock concert ever in a stadium.

McCartney hasn’t been just a rock star. He rocked the world. Because of him and his three pals from Liverpool, even today, people dress differently, wear their hair differently and think differently. They were the first rockers who made being smart cool.

Since that break up with The Beatles, Paul McCartney has written and produced 22 studio albums, 8 live albums, 3 greatest hits albums, 75 singles, 55 music videos, 5 classical albums and 7 albums in collaboration with other artists.

He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both as a Beatle and as Paul McCartney.

He is Sir Paul, knighted by the Queen Elizabeth II, in 1994.

Paul McCartney helped create the biggest band of the 1960’s The Beatles

Paul McCartney created the biggest band of the 1970’s Paul McCartney & Wings – Britannica

GQ Magazine
“…what could possibly top having five records in the American Top Ten at the same time? What could top playing Shea Stadium to the loudest crowd in history? Or making Sgt Pepper? Or “Hey Jude”? Or “Let It Be”? What on earth could possibly top being revered by an entire generation? Or two. What could top being – along with David Bailey, The Rolling Stones and Michael Caine – pretty much responsible for the 1960s? What could top being a Beatle? Here is a man who gave his name to The Ramones (Paul Ramon being McCartney’s old stage and hotel check-in name), whose “Yesterday” is the most popular song of all time (2,400 mangled cover versions and counting) and who conjured up the bass part for John Lennon’s “Come Together” in a jot.