We are delighted to feature some of the wonderful invitations 1972 Wings Tour Bus has attracted from different museums and organisations. Also, honourable mentions.

“I met George on a bus, I first saw John on a bus, George auditioned on a bus. Penny Lane was the bus depot. If I was visiting John I could go from my place in Forthlin Road to Penny Lane change and go up to his place in Menlove Avenue. I just like buses.” – Paul McCartney

We’ve heard that the 1972 Wings tour bus is back on the road in the UK. Have info on this? Send us a DM!” – Paul McCartney

“I think it would be more than beautiful… we love it, there’s massive potential… Chris (Evans) is a massive fan of The Beatles” – Phil Shishmanian – Chris Evans’ CarFest

“The area and programming teams will be back in the late Autumn, please follow up then, it would be great to have some photo’s too which we can pass on.” – Glastonbury Festival

“It is a great object and it will be brilliant when it’s restored” – Kate Johnson – Museum Of Liverpool

“What a great piece of music history. The National Trust looks after both John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes” – Fern Stocks – National Trust 

“I’ve looked at the bus pictures and it looks great. A moving piece of history”. – Mark Featherstone Witty OBE, co-founder with Sir Paul McCartney of LIPA – The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

“We would love to have it at an event at Beaulieu” – Charlotte Mountain – Beaulieu National Motor Museum

“Fantastic historical bus. We would be honoured if you could join us… I would love to make a big feature of your attendance.” – Nicola Norman – Culture Coventry Transport Museum

“Hi Tom, please keep us in the loop with this. Right up my street.” – Roag Best – Liverpool Beatles Museum

“That all sounds fascinating!” – Sean Doherty – Handel and Hendrix Museum

“Wishing you every success (to The Bus That Rocked)” – Richard Curtis – Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mr Bean, Love Actually, The Boat That Rocked, Yesterday, Blackadder. IMDB

“You would certainly be very welcome at any of our events” – Roger Stagg – “We would very much welcome a visit” – Deryck Fill – London Bus Museum

“We can work together to bring the Wings Tour Bus to Ipswich Waterfront” – Charlotte Greaves – University of Suffolk

“Definitely would love to be involved in this.” – Jo Hasnip – Writtle University College

Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealer TV show fame shared our Facebook post about 1972 Wings Tour Bus appearing at The Classic Motor Show at The NEC to his 994,000 Facebook Followers

“It would be great to see if we could do something together in the future ….” – Dean Paton – Big Heritage

“We are keen to get more details on price and hire terms” – Alex Robinson – MSVR Oulton Park

“Looking for more information with regards to booking the tour bus for events here at Santa Pod Raceway in 2023.” – Max Frost – Santa Pod Raceway

“It would be great to have the bus as part of Brighton Fringe” – Karla Hancock – “What a fab project” – Roni Guetta – Brighton Fringe

“It is very interesting to read about the Wings Tour Bus.” – Georgia Morley – London Transport Museum

“Delighted to talk to you today and hear about the tour bus and the song writing project.” – John Kramarchuck – Music Course Director at the College of West Anglia

“It would be great to see her on the weekend of 8/9 July next year, at Wythall, when we hold our annual Bristol Gathering,” – Stuart & Lynn Turner – Transport Museum, Wythall

“Be delighted to talk to you about your project (documentary). It sounds a great project. I worked with Paul (McCartney) on Standing Stone and Working Classical” … Christopher Swann – Award-winning Producer, Director and Writer. – Link

“It would be fantastic if you and the KSW – Bristol KSW WNO 481 Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus – could join us for the event.” – Martin Isles – Showbus 50

“What you describe – a documentary about Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus – sounds absolutely fascinating.” – Tony Palmer – Award Winning Producer – Director – Writer – Editor – IMDB

“Sounds like you’ve done some great work. How are you imagining we might work together?” – Rita George – The Grammy Museum

“Wow. Looking fantastic. Well done” – Mark Evans – Restoration TV Star – IMDB

“We would love for the bus to come and think it will add an extra buzz to the town as part of the event.” – Jo Needham – Clacton Airshow Events Team

“Myself and the organisers admire what you have done with the Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus… would (you) consider bringing the bus to the Big Bus Show at Stonham Barns on Sunday 13th August 2023 to be the centre piece and our rally control point?” – Jamie Vendy – The Eastern Counties Bus Preservation Group – ECBPG

“Just to say from the marketing team at Stonham Barns Park congratulations on the mega launch of the Wings Tour Bus! We all saw the fabulous BBC News / ITV coverage…” – Alison Baker – Stonham Barns Park

“The Beatles fest will be held in Spain in the Andalucia city of Sevilla from 26 to 29 October this year. Pattie Boyd will attend this event. If you could tell me the price of bringing the bus to Sevilla…” – Maria Martin – Author – Ambassador In Spain for 6 years for Ringo Starr’s Peace & Love Event.

“Great story! Super Fab History! Is the bus here in Florida now? You’re certainly welcome to show it off! We have 10,000 Beatles fans here and Denny Lane lives nearby.” – Dan Hartwell – Beatles On The Beach Florida

Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 is a 1953 Bristol KSW. In the years BP (before Paul) its main associations were with the UK counties of Bristol, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. So, in the style of Mercedes our superstar bus is also known as a Bristol BENS. County Councillors have been so supportive that a special page showing the amazing replies received, too many to list here, can be viewed here Bristol BENS.”

“I would like to make enquiries about hiring the 1972 Wings tour bus for a Beatles event in August 2024 in Liverpool.” – Gabriëlla van Karsbergen – Beatles International

“I would very much like to talk to you about conducting tours on the bus.” – Richard Porter – Beatle Brain Of Britain – Beatles In London

“I have a group of 13-15 tourists coming to London and I’ll be taking them to iconic music venues and locations. The Wings bus will have a wow factor.” – Paul Endacott – Music Heritage London

We are arranging the 2024 British Travel Awards and would love to have the 1972 Wings Tour Bus at our event.” – Lorraine-Barnes-Burton – British Travel Awards

Information about the Wings Tour Bus 1972 looks great! How many days you want to stay in Holland? – Herman Van Diejen – First Class Entertainment

There would be a good opportunity to bring in the tour bus, possibly for the 7th July for one of our racedays. Do you have availability and prices please?  – Julia Pinkney – Head of Live Events|Chelmsford City Racecourse

“…such a unique piece of transport history” – Clare Ablett – Curator Of History – National Museums NI

2023 American Songwriter: New Paul McCartney Documentary Announced, ‘Man On The Run’

While McCartney’s work alongside The Beatles has been documented in more ways than we can count, Paul McCartney: Man on the Run will showcase the second leg of his career and the creation of timeless classics like “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Another Day,” “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” “Hi, Hi, Hi,” “My Love,” “Live And Let Die,” “Band On The Run,” “Jet,” “Junior’s Farm,” “Listen To What The Man Said,” “Silly Love Songs” and “Let ‘Em In.”

“At its heart, this is a story of Linda and Paul’s enduring love and an artist finding his own voice after being in the most historic music group ever. Our film traces one of the most incredibly creative periods of Paul’s life which spawned a vital and legendary body of work that continues to impact people and culture in every corner of the globe.”

Produced by Tremelo Productions.

“1972 Wings Tour Bus is now show-ready and ‘Always On Call For Sir Paul’ – Tom Jennings.