A Tour Bus Like No Other

Paul McCartney likes buses and for his first major tour after the glory days of The Beatles he chose a rock solid ship shape and Bristol fashion 20 year old open top seaside special double decker WNO 481 as The 1972 Wings Tour Bus.

When Paul McCartney gave WNO 481 its Wings he created the Legend Of Rock & Road & it carried the whole family of Paul, Linda, Heather, Mary & Stella McCartney, Wings band members; Denny Laine, Henry McCullough, Denny Seiwell, wives & girlfriends over 12,000 km’s – 7,500 miles to play 25 concerts in 25 cities in 9 countries across Europe. An amazing rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ family & band adventure.

The tour was hotly pursued by the world’s media & 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 became arguably the most famous bus in the world. Every turn of the wheel & every note played & sung was recorded. The tour was a critical & musical success & as the tour progressed it was reported how much the band developed & how much Paul had transformed…. & 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 was there. When the 1972 Wings Over Europe Tour was over at the latter end of August 1972 the band was ready to take on the two biggest live concert challenges in the world; to rock the UK & then to rock the USA.

It is a tantalising thought that the ‘sound of music’ coming from the Gardner diesel engine & the carefree feelgood atmosphere on board 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 that brought them over 7,500 miles may have contributed to Paul’s songwriting inspiration. After the tour, in October 1972, Paul McCartney recorded tracks for the up-coming Red Rose Speedway album featuring the classic song: My Love. During the same sessions they recorded Live & Let Die, the first James Bond theme song nominated for an Oscar, also nominated for a Grammy.

1973 brought the all-conquering masterpiece Band On The Run and when he was ready to tour again in 1975 the hit songs & incredible live performances brought him back to the pinnacle of stadium rock. New concert attendance records were set that defined how rock concerts would be staged in the future so his 1972 and 1973 concert tours occupy a unique and important part of his musical history.

Paul McCartney helped create the biggest band of the 1960’s; The Beatles. Created the biggest band of the 1970’s; Paul McCartney & Wings (Britannica) & 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 had played its part in the life & the times of the most successful singer songwriter musician in the world & Knight Of The Realm … Sir Paul McCartney.






Our mission is to restore the beautiful McCartney layout and livery back to this historic, iconic, original, one-off Legend Of Rock & Road that was there & toured with the artist that would go on to become known as Sir Paul McCartney, the most successful singer, songwriter, musician of all time.
Our restoration gives 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 a new Ticket To Ride & the power to Get Back to the future it deserves.


BREAKING NEWS: The McCartney Stage

“My ideal is to play off the back of a bus…” – Paul McCartney

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Wings Over Europe Tour we are re-imagining and engineering the top deck of 1972 Wings Tour Bus to create The McCartney Stage
“Ideal” is now possible.


Band On The RunPaul McCartney & WingsRock
Live & Let DiePaul McCartney & WingsPop
Mull Of KintyrePaul McCartney & WingsPop
Another DayPaul McCartney & WingsPop
My LovePaul McCartney & WingsPop
Magical Mystery TourThe BeatlesPop



Paul McCartney`

Lead Vocal, Bass and Piano

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney tweeted in 2017, ``We've heard that the 1972 Wings Tour Bus is back on the road in the UK. Have info on this? Send us a DM! CLICK FOR MORE

The most famous living rock musician on the planet, Sir Paul McCartney recalls how he customised WNO 481 for the 1972 Wings Over Europe Tour adventures that lay ahead. “We painted the outside psychedelic, like a magic bus,” McCartney says of their tour transport on that halcyon trip. “If you look at it very straight, very conventionally, it was quite a mad thing to do, to put a playpen on the top deck of the bus and put all the children in there while driving around Europe. It was not what you’d expect from a normal band. But we weren’t a normal band.”


Denny Seiwell


Denny Seiwell

Paul said, ``Well. We’re going to go out and do it now! We’re going to do a tour of Europe. And we’re going to travel around in an old English double-decker bus.`` CLICK FOR MORE

Well, we did the University Tour, and Paul said, ‘Well. We’re going to go out and do it now! We’re going to do a tour of Europe. And we’re going to travel around in an old English double-decker bus.’

“I’m proud to say that when The Beatles broke up I was the first drummer that he chose to work with him which was quite an honour. We did the Ram album and he asked me to put the group together. I knew that the music we would be recording was going to be timeless, would be here for a long period of time. It was an honour to be a part of that deal.”

Message from Paul McCartney

“I’m so happy that Denny is being honoured as a true legend. He was always a great pleasure to work with not only for his great skill on drums but also his fabulous sense of humour.”


Denny Laine

Vocal & Guitar

Denny Laine

“Denny was very glad to hear you’re restoring the bus as it is a part of Wings early history....`` CLICK FOR MORE

February 2020 Update: We have received messages of support from the great Denny Laine and his partner Elizabeth. “Denny was very glad to hear you’re restoring the bus as it is a part of Wings early history. Denny has relayed some happy times on that bus. We only wish you the best of luck on restoring the bus and look forward to seeing its wonderful completion! It’s exciting to hear the museums are interested to display the bus. It’s possible that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in USA) may be interested in it too, since Denny and Paul are inductees. Denny and I send our best to you. We look forward to seeing the progress.”

Denny Laine is an English musician, singer, and songwriter known as a founder of two major British rock bands: The Moody Blues, with whom he played from 1964 to 1966, and Paul McCartney and Wings, with whom he played from 1971 to 1981. Laine has worked with a variety of artists and groups over a six decade career, and continues to record and perform as a solo artist. In 2018, Laine was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Henry McCullough

Guitar and vocals

Henry McCullough

``Magical - just like being in a movie.`` CLICK FOR MORE

Henry McCullough began his musical career in the early 60s with the show band the Skyrockets in Ireland. He later moved to London, and with his band Eire Apparent, toured on bills with Pink Floyd, the Move and Jimi Hendrix. From there, he played in Joe Cocker’s Grease Band, even joining the singer at Woodstock. Paul had heard Henry McCullough’s rock guitar on Joe Cocker’s Woodstock version of The Beatles’ song With A Little Help From My Friends and loved the heavier treatment and when the opportunity came for Henry to join Wings it seemed a perfect fit and he played that iconic lead guitar solo on the classic “My Love.”

As well as being a member of Joe Cocker’s Grease Band and Paul McCartney’s Wings Henry recorded in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”, played with Spooky Tooth, Roy Harper, Donovan, Marianne Faithfull and The Beatles guitarist, George Harrison signed him to his record label. Also, his words “I don’t know, I was really drunk at the time” are heard in the end of Pink Floyd’ s song “Time” from “Dark Side of The Moon” album.

When Henry passed away on 14th June 2016 Paul McCartney paid tribute to him, “I was very sad to hear that Henry McCullough, our great Wings guitarist, passed away today. He was a pleasure to work with, a super-talented musician with a lovely sense of humour. The solo he played on ‘My Love’ was a classic that he made up on the spot in front of a live orchestra. Our deepest sympathies from my family to his.”


Linda McCartney

Singer and Keyboards

Linda McCartney

Paul and Linda recorded the album Ram and formed the band Wings in 1971. She continued to be part of her husband's touring band following Wings' breakup in 1981 up until The New World Tour in 1993. CLICK FOR MORE

After the 1970 breakup of the Beatles, Paul and Linda recorded the album Ram and formed the band Wings in 1971. On the 1972 Wings Over Europe Tour with sheer hard work, dedication and determination Linda successfully managed to look ever glamorous by the side of her rock star husband, learn her musical parts, rehearse with the band, perform 25 concerts all whilst raising their children and taking photographs. Touring for 2 months on WNO 481 The 1972 Wings Tour Bus must have been tough but she rose to the challenge.

She continued to be part of her husband’s touring band following Wings’ breakup in 1981 up until The New World Tour in 1993. Linda became an animal rights activist and wrote and published several vegetarian cookbooks. She also founded the Linda McCartney Foods company with her husband. In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and died from the disease in 1998 at the age of 56. Source: Wikipedia



WNO 481 The 1972 Wings Tour Bus


WNO 481, this inter-national treasure on wheels combines 67 years of classically beautiful design heritage with coming up to 50 years of rock and roll history with the biggest rock star of them all, Paul McCartney. CLICK FOR MORE

WNO 481, this international treasure on wheels is firmly parked at the intersection of time-capsule art, time-less chart-topping music / rock and roll and classically beautiful automotive design heritage. The importance of this 1953 Bristol KSW / ECW Open-Top Double-Decker bus cannot be overstated. This authentic, iconic, actual living 50 years of rock and roll history on wheels is surely without equal. This is not like a car or truck seen in a movie where they may use multiple vehicles during filming. This is a true ONE-OFF this is THE ACTUAL UNIQUE bus that is in all the 1972 Wings Over Europe tour videos.



11th November 2022 Birmingham, UK The NEC  




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