WNO 481 is THE bus that Paul McCartney customised for his first major tour without The Beatles after their break-up in 1970.

By 1972 with The Happening at Woodstock in 1969 still ringing in everyone’s ears Paul got himself a double-decker open-top bus and turned it into Macca’s Mother Ship by having it painted in a ‘Woodstock on Wheels peace and love’ psychedelic design. He then set off with family and band on board to kick-start loud and proud the legendary Wings phase of his musical life and continue his amazing streak of writing and performing songs that would ultimately make music / rock and roll history. 25 concerts in 25 cities in 9 countries in Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wings_Over_Europe_Tour.

Our amazing bus combines 67 years of beautiful classic automotive transport of the people design heritage, coming up to 50 years of music / rock and roll history on wheels and time-capsule Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Yellow Submarine inspired artwork painted by the renowned Geoffrey Cleghorn, friend of Pink Floyd, The Who, The Stones et al. Also involved with setting up the bus was Paul’s Tour Manager Tom Salter, owner of the Gear boutiques of Carnaby St and Kings Road fame.

Paul McCartney, the biggest pop/rock star on the planet, really did give WNO 481 its Wings, thus creating a true inter-national treasure and Legend Of Rock & Road.

Just months after the tour, in October 1972 Paul recorded tracks for the upcoming Red Rose Speedway album which contained the classic My Love. In the same sessions they recorded James Bond theme song Live and Let Die. It is a tantalising thought that Paul McCartney, the most successful songwriter of all time, may have found inspiration on 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO 481 whilst writing one or more of his songs.