Paul McCartney tasked Tom Salter, Promoter and owner of the very famous Gear boutiques in Carnaby Street, to obtain a double-decker bus for the upcoming European tour. It was Salter who arranged the artists, painters and other workers to create the bus artwork and layout, including the destination blind for the front of the bus, as well as a signwriter to write the band names on the rear.

We were delighted to connect with Tom Salter through Facebook and he sent a very cool message of goodwill and will be part of the project going forward.

“Hello, delighted to discover this endeavour as I was part of the team in the beginning. I used to have shops (Gear Boutiques) in Carnaby St and Kings Rd back in the 60s and 70s, and was partners with John Morris of Woodstock and The Rainbow fame, and was on the (1972 Wings Over Europe) Tour for a while, and helped get it all off the ground. I’ve lived in the USA for a number of years but now back in London. Good Luck with the project.”

Tom Salter recalls the time he spent setting up WNO 481 for Paul McCartney’s 1972 Wings Over Europe Tour and how it was laid out.