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More Pictures And A Request For Help

We would like your help with the creation of a comprehensive vehicle history. Whilst we have the vehicle’s ownership and location history more-or-less complete, we are also interested in hearing from people with their own recollections of WNO 481.

Tricentrol and Dunstable

We have quite a few pictures, and know most of the details of our bus’s time with Tricentrol. This is from the company takeover of Halls Coaches/Silverline Tours in 1973, to the bus being sold-on in 1982. However, we have not been able to connect with anyone who worked for Tricentrol, in Dunstable, from 1975 – 1982, when our bus was stationed there.

It is appreciated that this was a long time ago, however we have made contact with people from earlier than this, so we hope to be able to do this, too.

It is also possible that the people working at Tricentrol in Dunstable were not aware of the bus’s prior history. We do not know where and when the mustard/gold Tricentrol livery was applied and it could have been added when it was still at the Cowley Road, Uxbridge depot, between 1973 -1975. It could therefore have arrived in Dunstable with its Wings livery already covered over.

Bearing that in mind, we would like to speak/make contact with anyone who worked for Tricentrol at Dunstable, who knows of, remembers, or even worked on their open-top, double-decker bus, from 1975 – 1982. We are pretty sure that this was the only one Tricentrol had – and certainly the only Bristol KSW.

We’d love to speak to drivers in particular, but also admin staff, who may have known about its bookings, or even its being sold-on, or anyone else from there who recalls anything about our bus.

St Albans, Godfrey Davis and the BAFTA Rally to Cannes

We would also like to make contact with anyone who had any dealings with WNO 481 during its St Albans days, between 1982 – 1993. This would include anyone who worked at Godfrey Davis, who has knowledge of our bus, as we know there was a relationship between them and Roger White, the owner at the time.

Our bus’s livery is believed to have been put back to the Wings livery in 1982 (after Tricentrol), then changed into a red/white livery for the 1989 BAFTA London – Cannes Rally, before reverting back to the Wings livery, prior to going to Amsterdam, in April 1993, and then being sold-on, in August 1993.

We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone involved in the red/white livery change and anyone who may have gone on the BAFTA rally, in 1989. Again, as with Tricentrol and its time in Dunstable, we would be happy to hear from anyone with any personal knowledge or experience of our bus, between 1982 – 1993.

Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips was one of the younger workers at the Halls/Silverline depot at Cowley Road, Uxbridge, when WNO 481 was there in 1972. We believe he is in one of the pictures below and may have knowledge about the bus from that time.

After leaving there, Mr Phillips started Phillips Motorcycles, based off Hayes Road, in Southall, London. It is understood that he worked there with his son/a son. The last we know of Mr Phillips and his business was from about 15 years ago and it seems to have since gone.

If you could put us in contact with Mr Phillips, or his family, not only might we be delighted, but so might one of his former workmates.

If you do know of anyone else at all who worked for Halls Coaches aka Silverline Tours aka Valliant Silverline, out of the Cowley Road depot, Uxbridge, we would also like to make contact with them.

Charlie and Lucky Smith

Charlie was one of the original Wings livery painters in 1972. Lucky was his daughter – and many were lucky she was around in July 1972, because it was her ruler that got used to draw and design the “W” for the Wings logo that got bolted to the back of the bus and used by the band from then on.

Charlie also hasn’t been heard from in about 15 years and is believed to have spent time in the US doing “Art Direction”.

You guessed it – we’d love to make contact with them, as I’m sure are others that we are in contact with.

OK, Now Those Pictures…

Another angle of WNO 481 at Epsom on Derby Day, 1972. Photo by Paul Bateson, used with permission.

The full Great British Film Rally livery, taken circa 1989. Image from Roger White, courtesy of Greg White.

This picture above has been identified as being taken at the Cowley Road, Uxbridge depot, when the Wings livery was first applied, circa July 1972. We believe the man exiting from the rear is the aforementioned Brian Phillips. Picture from Roger White, courtesy of Greg White.

Wings livery + "Oslo" taken Jan 73 at Brunel Uni by Tony Wilson

It really wasn’t taken in Oslo. Honest! Don’t believe the web sites or anyone that says so! This was taken at Brunel University at the previously mentioned Bus Rally there, in January 1973, that went on to become This image you may see us use quite a bit. Thanks to Tony Wilson for the permission and for the confirmation of its date/location.

More Historical Photos

A lot of people are helping with the history of the 1972 Wings Tour Bus. Here is a selection of photos that have been agreed to be used/shared.

(Note: You may need to mouseover the image for the attribution.)

Still With Its Wings

bryanb27m4 circa Jan 1973 Wings Livery, Brunel Uni



The above photo is noted as a “Halls Valliant” bus (aka Halls Coaches, aka Silverline Tours), taken circa 1972-75. However, it has since been confirmed that this picture was taken at Brunel University for its first ever ShowBus event, in January 1973.

Here’s another from that event, with WNO 481 in the convoy.


ShowBus Event, Brunel Uni, Jan 1973

ShowBus Event, Brunel Uni, Jan 1973, from

Tricentrol Colours

Epsom Derby Day 1976 John Law

Epsom Derby Day 1976. Taken by John Law


On Epsom Derby Day it was likely that WNO 481 would attend. It was there regularly between 1966 – 1980. The above photo is from 1976.

Dunstable Silver Jubilee Carnival 6 June 1977 by Andrew Read

Dunstable Silver Jubilee Carnival, 6 June 1977, Taken by Andrew Read aka “Pentakrom”


The Dunstable Silver Jubilee Carnival occurred on 6 June 1977 and was opened by DJ Ed “Stewpot” Stewart. Apparently, The Red Arrows were also supposed to appear but bad weather prevented this. Good job WNO 481 was there!


Milton Keynes 1979 John LawMilton Keynes, Autumn 1979, by John Law


In 1980, WNO 481 attended the annual Tulip rally. It was seen in Amsterdam and nearby Volendam.


Steve Guess 1 March 1980 VolendamSteve Guess, March 1980, Volendam

Frans Angevaare 29 March 1980 Volendam

Frans Angevaare, 29 March 1980, Volendam


Here’s another Volendam photo taken by Frans Angevaare, that he dates as being 29 March 1980. This appears to be the same event as the others shown here, and is probably the correct date. Do you know if this is right?

(Correction/Addendum: From Frans Angevaare:- “It’s 40 years ago so I can’t remember in detail, but the event was organised by a friend of mine called Erik Overveld (now deceased) who worked as a driver with NZH, one of the large public transport companies in NL.
He knew Peter Newman of Ensign (don’t know how that came about) and somehow had contacts at Grey-Green. Erik used his UK contacts to get the buses to the Netherlands, I think there were just a few Dutch entrants…
The annual Tulip rally, the “real one” (Tulpenrally) was a long standing event for cars and has nothing to do with the bus rally. In fact, the bus rally was ever announced as “Tulip Rally” over here but as “Old and new Dutch Bus & Coach Rally organised by Grey-Green”.
“Tulip Bus Rally” was a sign on just a few of the UK buses.” Frans is also certain of the date.)

Steve Guess 1 March 1980 Amsterdam Tulip Rally

Steve Guess, March 1980, Amsterdam

Clive A Brown, 4 June 1980, Epsom

Clive A Brown, 4 June 1980, Epsom

Steve Guess 13 July 1980 SuttonSteve Guess, 13 July 1980, in Sutton


Another photo taken by Steve Guess, in Sutton Town Centre, on “The Green Line Road Run to Crawley”. This July 1980 photo is one of the last, if not the last time the bus was photographed at work in Tricentrol colours.

(Addendum: We now know the bus appeared at the ShowBus Rally in September 1980).

Cannes Rally Colours

1989/1990 Roger White collection from Greg White

From the Roger White Collection, c1989, courtesy of Greg White


Did you know WNO 481 went to Cannes? It was for a rally arranged by BAFTA in 1989 to promote the British Film Industry and raise money for Save The Children. WNO 481 was given a red/white livery for the event, which it is believed was retained for a few years until c1993, when it was returned to its Wings livery.

The above image is thought to be from 1989, possibly 1990, but it is not in Cannes. It may have been at the Southend Rally, the ShowBus Rally, or another (Radlett has been mentioned). Can you date and place it?

Addendum: We have now confirmed that this picture was taken at the 1989 Southend Bus Rally.

If you have any photos, memories or stories about The 1972 Wings Tour Bus, whether it was in its Wings livery, or at any time before or since then, do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!